Land Use and Planning

Offering creative land use solutions to landowners, including coordinating experts and consultants, including surveyors, engineers, archaeologists, and planning consultants

Real Property

Representation for real property matters, including due diligence review before purchase, and negotiating and drafting property-related documents, including options, leases, purchase-sale agreements, access and utility easements, and deeds

Shoreline and Access Issues

Extensive experience with Hawaiʻi’s complex shoreline and access issues, including seawalls and historic trails

Land Conservation, Regenerative Agriculture and other Sustainable Uses

Identifying creative ways for landowners to conserve, restore and manage lands with environmental, cultural or agricultural significance, including conservation easement donations and related tax issues

Exempt Organizations

Providing legal and organizational assistance to 501(c)(3) exempt organizations, including private operating foundations, involved in conservation, cultural, agricultural, environmental, or water issues